Leslie Veluz, TCTP Co-Founder + Designer

Hello, I'm Leslie and I love all things pretty. I often say, "that's too cute" or "that's too pretty" when something attractive catches my eye. I love shades of blue and green (!!), typography, sewing/embroidery and letterpress printing. I am a first-time mama to Calista aka "KaraBear", an entrepreneur, and an elementary teacher. 

When I became a mom, I spent the late hours of the night sewing and making little cute things for KaraBear.  Sewing was my creative outlet and working late at night was my time for me.   After having late night crafting sprees, I produced a handful of shirts, booties, bibs, and many other baby accessories.  I realized I'm addicted to my sewing machine and that I was making way too many pretty things for one little baby. That's when the idea of Too Cute Too Pretty was born.  

Joey Paragas, TCTP Co-Founder + Marketing/Creative Consultant

As a graphic artist and with over 15 years experience, I am a visual learner and get inspired by anything and everything found in this life. As a father, I find myself gravitating towards things that are "too cute" and "too pretty" far too often. Coming from a history of cars, sports, and videogames, some would say I have come a long way and evolved my taste. However, on some occasions I still love to "bro-out" with my fellow man... 

#PCgamer #Steam #49ers #Lakers

Calista aka KaraBear, TCTP Brand Rep

KaraBear is our Too Cute, Too Pretty... and I may add, adorable, brand rep.  When not modeling and being photographed, KaraBear enjoys playing with her dogs and toys, eating homemade food, and napping.  

You will be seeing a lot of her on the blog, Instagram, and Facebook!