My triumphant return to the gym

I don't actually hate exercising but rather quite enjoy it. One would think that sounds strange from a person of my physique or lack of one. I have been used to rigorous workouts since my high school years and have grown accustom to it. Yesterday was my first day back into the gym in over a year. I scheduled myself to go in this month after the "New Year's Resolution" members have all given up and vacated the gym. Unfortunately it's still a bit too crowded for my taste and have to work around the equipment that's being used. 

Due to my past experience in weight training, I tend to push myself pretty hard. If I don't leave the gym totally exhausted with my shirt weighing an extra pound or two from the sweat it collected; then I feel like my time has been wasted. I don't expect many people to workout the same way nor do I think it's absolutely necessary. Everyone has their own routine and thoughts about working out but I just don't feel accomplished if I don't reach a certain point. 

Once I penciled in the date of my return to the gym, I got pretty excited. As the days grew closer, I even felt a little anxious. I wasn't sure how I would perform since a lot of time had passed since I took weight training seriously.  It didn't matter to me if I was the weakest person in the room. I was just excited to get back into the grind. Maybe even a little too excited. 

This was at the peak of Mammoth Mountain during the 2011/2012 season. 

This was at the peak of Mammoth Mountain during the 2011/2012 season. 

Exercising can be a personal demon for many people out there. I think the most important thing is to find something you actually enjoy doing and you won't feel like it's a chore. I firmly believe there is an activity for everyone. The human body is made to move and be active after all. Other exercise activities I enjoy is mountain biking my favorite, snowboarding. What are your favorite activities?

On a side note, I took a Youngevity Pollen Burst once I got home. I'm not sure if it's the hot shower I took afterwards or if it was that Pollen Burst, but something made me feel great. I did still feel the fatigued but I wasn't as exhausted as I usually would have after a workout session like that. In fact I probably would have just gone back into bed and recuperate until the next day.