Where do you shop?

Eating healthy may sometimes mean not being able to find certain ingredients specific to our needs. I have found success at the following stores:

  1. Sprouts - I buy majority of my ingredients here.  I do find myself spending a bit more but they seem to carry almost (if not) everything I need. www.sprouts.com
  2. Target - believe it or not, they have the basics - meats, veggies, fruit, egg and seasoning. Target.com
  3. Ralphs - I love their speedy check out!  Ralphs has majority of the ingredients I need. www.ralphs.com
  4. Local "ethnic" stores - great place to get meats, poultry, fish, fruits and veggies at a lower price. seafoodcity.com 
  5. Farmers Market - a great place to get fresh fruits and veggies.  www.goodveg.org/CERR.html 

These are my basic 5 places.  Where do you shop?