Happy Halloween... (update)

We apologize for not having much recent content lately as this year has been a very crazy and has taken our slogan of "It's never too late to have a new beginning" to a new level. Even though 2015 isn't over yet, it has given us many reasons to be alive and well.

Meeko and Cotton have no idea what's coming their way but they are excited even though they don't really show it in this picture.

As you can see that the last update was at late March 2015. The reason we have not been posting anything since then is that both Leslie and I have been very busy prepping for a new addition to our lives. If you didn't guess it by now, Leslie is pregnant! At this point, we are about 4 weeks away until the actual due date. However we were told that there is a possibility that she could come anytime now. For those who do not know, Leslie sought out Youngevity as one of the main concerns the doctors told her was she could have difficulties conceiving. Well we are glad to say that we proved those doctors wrong! As of today, we are on track to delivering a healthy baby girl. We can't wait to introduce her to the world and start this new journey as parents for the first time. There will be lots of challenges ahead of us, but like every other challenge out there we are very excited to face them head on. 

For those who are curious about my health updates, I'm proud to say that I have been an active gym member since January of 2015. This year marks the most active consecutive weeks I have been since my high school years. I have had my membership to 24 Hour Fitness for over 8 years now but I have never gone for more than 6 months without dropping out. There have been even years where I never set foot in the gym or picked up a weight.

My photo from work. I was told to wear this ribbon for the day as my coworkers gave me a baby shower. I appreciate them very much for this and am more grateful than they will ever know. 

Even though my weight has been fluctuating throughout the year, unfortunately I can't really say I have "lost" a significant amount. However, I have been told by my friends and family that they can see a significant difference in the efforts I have been putting in the gym. On that positive note, I have gone down about 3-4 inches in my waist. I am now fitting a 38" waist in pants. I know to most of you, that is still fairly large. To put things in perspective, I haven't worn size 38" pants since my early years in high school or possibly before then. Not only that, my strength has vastly increased. I haven't seen myself push the kinds of weights I have been lifting in 20 years!

With all this great progress, I am overly excited and have found even more motivation to exercising. Once Leslie gave me the news earlier this year, I made a vow to her and myself  that I will not be one of the parents who watch their kids grow up from the sidelines. I will be right there running alongside them as they grow from an innocent child to a young eager adult ready to face their own world.

We will try to update when we can but with the recent news, we can't promise how often that will come about. If you guys don't hear back from us we want to wish you all a Happy Holiday!