For Lack of a Better Word

I've ever been fond of the phrase "No Excuses". I know many use that motivational term to inspire people to get off their butts,  exercise or get active. Personally, it's a little condescending to just tell that to someone when they don't even understand their situation. Their "excuses" or reasons may be valid to them but to someone else it's just another reason to be lazy

If someone tells me get fit, get healthy and "stop making excuses", it doesn't motivate me in any way. In fact, it only makes me feel like this person doesn't even understand what I go through each day. Do you think I like being unhealthy? If I could do it, I would but at this point in my life, I can't because of my personal circumstances. I'm sure there are people "making excuses" not to go to the gym, however there are many of us out there who lead a busy life. Those of us working multiple jobs, multiple kids, multiple bills, and multiple EVERYTHING. How can you just sum up their life situation and tell them "stop making excuses"?

Instead of force feeding people to get their act together and get healthier, we can be a little more understanding. I know a thing or two about being busy and yet I find a way to get myself in the gym and try to eat as healthy as possible. I don't drag anybody with me but I'd rather show them my progress in how I physically look via my weight loss. Forcing someone to change their life around by telling them they are just "making excuses" doesn't make them feel any better bout themselves. I'd rather empower them and help them in their journey to a healthier lifestyle. Show them, don't tell them. 

Fitness Update: Week 5

This past Friday was the completion of the fifth week and the end of powerlifting program. I am very pleased with my numbers. I am especially impressed with how far I have come with a particular lift, the deadlift. The last time I was deadlifting was back in high school, just under twenty years ago. Judging by what I did yesterday, I'm very close to achieving my first goal of getting back to that youthful strength I once had. I'm pretty sure in my next training cycle, I might achieve this goal or even surpass it!

Unfortunately, the scale still does not agree with me. I know for a fact that I can be doing better with my diet, but I'm also certain some of the weight gain is due to an increase in muscle. Either way, everything is still on a positive outcome and I can't really ask for more then that.