A Change in the Federal Guidelines Concerning Cholesterol Limitations

There has been some new studies about cholesterol and is now being considered that it is not this big baddy that we were all once told it was. Recent studies in the Harvard Health Publications and the American Heart Association have been researching the way dietary cholesterol limitations and found that having limitations on our cholesterol intake is not as important as it was once portrayed. In fact, it is even stated that:

A summary of the committee’s December 2014 meeting says “Cholesterol is not considered a nutrient of concern for overconsumption.” Translation: You don’t need to worry about cholesterol in your food.
— www.health.harvard.edu

Hopefully the news could give even more credibility on some of the things Dr. Wallach has been preaching the last few years.

Check out the articles below. It's an interesting read and could very well change the way we all think about cholesterol.