When Eating "Good"

Keeping track of my nutrition on MyFitnessPal has been an eye opening experience. I am not a fan of tracking calories but at this point I think it's a necessity just so I can have some accountability and actually see my progress rather than eyeballing/guessing if I'm on the right track. I find that when I eat "good" foods, I actually see a dramatic weight loss.

When i mean dramatic, I mean 2-3 lbs in a matter of days. I'm sure that might be water retention from the "bad" foods I have been eating the previous days.  I am also certain that will not be a constant drop at that rate as the days proceed. Unfortunately, I have the ability to gain the weight back at a faster rate the moment I have a cheat day/meal. Using the scale is an absolute nightmare for me when it comes to tracking my weight loss. 


Lately I find myself developing a late night sweet craving that I never really had before. Fortunately I recognized that before it got worse. Keeping track of my macros does allow me to have some sweets sometimes but I don't like how I have a craving for it. I started to slowly cut down my sugar intake since I did notice that I'm going over my limit. 

Another attribute to my slow weight loss is probably due to my muscle increasing. I know for a fact that I have increased my strength over the last 5 weeks. I constantly keep track of the amount of weights I use when I go to the gym to maintain that progressive overload that is needed for strength gain. I'm currently on my fifth week in the Candio Training Program and my friend and I have both seen dramatic increases in our strength. Although, I wish yesterday's performance at the bench press could have gone better, I'm still happy to see positive results. 

When we went to Vegas some time ago, I decided to buy some shirts that better fit my current size. As of this morning, I feel that those shirts are starting to look a little lose on me as well. I guess that's a good thing that is happening. I just feel a little bad that the new shirts I just got might not be  able to fit me in a  month. Better the shirts get too big than too small though. I actually liked those shirts too. I recently tried one of my old shirts again and It seems to be fitting even better. The buttons are less stressed around the mid section and if all goes well I should be on track to be wearing that shirt in a month.  

I'm also still keeping up with my Youngevity breakfast fruit smoothies. According to MyFitnessPal, I'm going way beyond my vitamin A, C and Calcium intake and that's probably due to the BTT and Osteo. Leslie  has gotten a bit under the weather due to the exposure from sick kids at work. Fortunately I have not picked up anything from her and that's probably due to the increased vitamins I have been taking. 

Overall I'm pretty happy about my results. As of this morning I'm down 13 lbs from the beginning of the year while having a significant increase in my bench, squat and deadlift. Even though my weight loss itself hasn't been where I want it to be, everything else seems to be going well.