Bag Of Treats

More prototypes I just finished making. I have a few other monster face designs as well but you get the idea. Please note that the white parts are glow in the dark. 

*There are some slight errors in these sample bags which should will not be in the final bags.


Here's a shot of the back of the bags. Only the names are also glow in the dark but the text above it do not. 


I know I'm late bringing these guys out but better late than never. I have other designs in the works as well as other monster faces. I just hope I find time to make samples of them.

Cute October is Here!

I got the design on the actual fabric. Testing went by pretty smoothly. Not too many issues and not as difficult as the previous tests I had a few weeks ago. Anyone interested in Halloween/Trick or Treat bags for their little ones? We can add your child's name at the bottom similar to how our Christmas bags were created. I will have other designs to post in the next few days as well.

Halloween Bags


Measurements: 14.5" at the bottom; 15.5" to the top; 9" with the straps extended
Colors: Black, White, Orange, Purple
Cost: $15 without a name; $20 with name (single color) 

Here are other designs I placed on a onesie and shirt.