My Story

This is really personal, but am ready to share it with the world if it means I can help someone too.

Disclaimer: Before reading any further, please read below:
I have to say this first so protect myself from any legal ramifications.  I am not a doctor, scientist, pharmacist, healthcare provider or anyone in the health profession.  What I am about to share is all from personal experience.  If you choose to follow my example, please follow up with a healthcare provider.  I am not claiming that if you do what I do, it will work for you.


Let's get right to it... this may be TMI.

Since puberty, I have dealt with irregular periods.  What comes as a monthly visit for some girls/women, came to visit me, oh.. once a year.  If that.

At 11 or 12, that wasn't a big deal.  I didn't like the feeling of being on my period anyway!  When I entered high school, I felt a little odd since all my friends were talking about how awful they felt and were "PMS-ing".  I didn't.  It wasn't until I was 20 when I decided it was time to get checked. Like most women, I wanted to someday have a child.  Not at 20, but I figured if there was something wrong, I could get it checked and 'fixed' before my late 20s when it's time to bear children.

I was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor at first.  After my MRI, a tumor was not detected and was diagnosed with ideopathic hyperproplactineima.  I was put on a drug called Cabergoline.  They said I would have to take that medication for life.  Ok.  I left the doc's office and proceeded to take the meds.  My blood levels leveled off and my period came, but as soon as I got off the meds, my blood work results would become elevated and bye-bye periods.  I relied on the meds... forever!

What will that do to my organs?  I feared my liver would suffer.  I decided to stop.  FOR YEARS!

I went back to the doctor's office.  A new doctor since my insurance changed.  As expected, my levels were elevated and same medication was prescribed.  I took it for a little bit and stopped (again).  Yes, I'm stubborn like that.

Fast forward to last summer, July 2013.  I was newly engaged and 31 years old.  I knew I wanted a baby, sooner than later because of my age.  I wasn't getting my period regularly.  I was lucky if I had it twice in one year.


When I visited the doctor, they checked my blood levels because I still didn't get my regular period.  My hyperprolactineima was negative.  They tested it again and it came out negative again.  Instead, I had symptoms of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and insulin resistance (IR).  Hooray for me.  I felt like I hit the bad luck jackpot!  I was prediabetic and after reading the PCOS message boards, I came to find out, having a baby would be difficult.  I saw an OB/Gyn and she had told me to consider changing my insurance to cover infertility treatments.  On top of that, I had more hair/fur than most women, my testosterone levels were high (I felt horrible!), my hair was thinning at the top.  I had men issues - excess hair, high testosterone, and male pattern baldness!  SERIOUSLY?

I was a little depressed.  I wanted to fix it but didn't know how.  I was prescribed a whole lot of medication. I would take one pill and that pill caused another problem; so they gave another pill to fix the secondary problem.  WHAT?  Just drug me? No way!

I went the holistic route.  I changed my diet to a gluten free diet.  I didn't randomly decide to be gluten free, I did my online reading.  Thank you internet and awesome websites.  I'll share those with you later (e-mail me if I forget!).  Once I started this change, I started to lose weight.  I lost 20 lbs.  I still have ways to go, but it was a boost!

I wanted to get off my meds and the diet wasn't changing that.  I turned to a family friend and she introduced me to Youngevity.  I started to take their 90 essential vitamins and minerals.  My period came.  I wasn't too excited because it may just have been my annual period visit!  Then in 40 days it came... and 40 days exactly it came again.. and then 36 days.. and 36 days.... and now over a year later... it visits me within 35-36 days.  The doctor said my body found it's regular pattern.  On top of that, my insulin is normal and... I was no longer "prediabetic".  My good ol' doctor say "See ya in a year, you look good!"

In the past, stress induces my eczema.  Planning my wedding was the most stressful thing I had done (well getting my master's degree was worse).  I had eczema from my face, to arms and legs.  It was all over me.  I have had no signs of eczema ever since I started taking the Health Start Pack by Youngevity.  My little eczema spot that stayed with me for the last 10 years is gone.  Usually that small spot is the first sign of my stress level being really high and it starts to itch and grow... it's GONE.

I feel like a normal young gal!

Yes, in this case, I won the jackpot to health!  Thank you Dr. Wallach for Youngevity.

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