Hi, I'm Leslie.  I'm a wife, teacher, and mother to 2 dogs.  I started Youngevity in November 2013.  A year into the Healthy Body Challenge and taking Dr. Wallach's 90 Essential Nutrients, I have discovered that I was given a second chance to my health.  I was prediabetic with insulin resistance (IR), suffered with symptoms of Polycyctic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), and felt down and helpless after being told that children may possibly not be in my future.  After seeing great results by taking the 90 Essential Nutrients, I wanted to share my story and the reason behind why I joined Dr. Wallach on his crusade to help those who want help.  

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Hello world. That’s a little inside joke for all you programmers out there. My name is Joey Paragas. I started Youngevity around the middle of 2014. To be perfectly honest, like some of you, I was very skeptical about Youngevity. There are a lot of products out there that try to sell you on things that “may” work; why is this any different? Leslie wanted to try it as an alternative solution to help support her medical condition. Initially, I wanted to be there as her support system. I still was not completely sold on what Youngevity was trying to sell. One thing is for sure, I believed that there had to be another way. I refused to believe that the ONLY answer was the medical industry’s solution; the all mighty prescription drug. I was lucky enough to attend one of Dr. Wallach’s meetings in Carson, CA and heard him talk about Youngevity and the medical industry. What he said resonated with my thoughts and honestly took me by surprise. He has made me a supporter of his cause. I now use Youngevity to help me achieve a healthy mind and body.

If there is one thing I would tell people, it's to always keep a clear and open mind on all things. Don’t believe me, don’t believe Dr. Wallach, don’t believe your doctors, and don’t believe anyone else but yourself. Seek out your own truth. Don’t be prone to shutting your eyes to other schools of thought just because the social norm has told you that their solution is the only way to get to the results you are looking for. There is always another way. Over the last few years, the medical industry has turned many doctors into business men and women. When our doctors become business men, who can we trust to be our doctors?

As for me, I believe in Dr. Wallach's message. I trust my health in Youngevity and what it has to offer.

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