• 1976 – 1977: Williams College, Williamstown MA
  • 1980: Certified to teach Yoga by the state of California after completing a 6 month intensive Yoga Teacher Training course at Ananda Cooperative Community in Grass Valley, CA
  • 1987: BS Pre Med – University of Massachusetts, Amherst MA
  • 1991: Doctoral Degree in Naturopathic Medicine (ND) – Bastyr University, Seattle WA
  • 1987 – Present: Member of American Association of Naturopathic Physicians
  • 1992 – 2002: Member Massachusetts Society of Naturopathic Physicians
  • 1992 – Present: Private practice of Naturopathic Medicine HAS BEEN LICENSED TO PRACTICE NATUROPATHIC MEDICINE SINCE 1992


Since 2009 has delivered over 150, 4 hour lectures on Naturopathic medicine to audiences worldwide.


Author of “The MD Emperor Has No Clothes” – an expose’ on the complete and utter failings of conventional allopathic medicine and the unheralded benefits of naturopathic therapeutics.


Has recorded 7 hours of infomercials promoting Naturopathic medical therapeutics to be aired on the OlympusSat television network in the Fall of 2014.

Has appeared on public TV in Massachusetts and Washington State promoting Naturopathic Medicine.


Currently is the host of “The Dr. Glidden Show” a 2 hour weekday Health-Talk Radio program broadcast from the Genesis Communication Network (GCNLive.com).

Is a regular guest host on the longest running US Health Talk Radio program “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” since 2010.


Each episode of “The Dr. Glidden Show” is videocast live via YouTube and can be accessed by visiting TheDoctorGliddenShow.tv

Maintains a robust website which manages the Radio program’s broadcast/podcast/videocast, and an On-Line Subscription service which offers 200+ hours of pre-recorded health webinars, 2 hours of Live-Chat per week and a 24/7 Interactive Forum for its members.


Since 2009 has been an outspoken advocate for the health recovery strategies developed and delivered by the founder of Youngevity, Dr. Joel Wallach.

The Autobiography of  Dr. Peter J. Glidden, BS, ND             

“A second generation native of Nantucket Island, and the youngest of 6 children, I spent my childhood riding bikes, fishing, swimming, scuba diving, sailing and hunting in a quintessential Norman Rockwell-esque, small New England town. My mother’s devout catholic faith had a strong influence on me and subsequently I became involved with the Catholic Church from a young age all the way through High School. The spiritual side of life was always in the foreground of my mind and for a number of years as a teenager I seriously considered becoming a Catholic priest.

Investigations into the spiritual dimensions of life led me to become a Transcendental Meditation practitioner at the ripe old age of 10, the same year that I taught myself how to do yoga. Graduating third in my High School Class I matriculated to Williams College in the fall of 1976 ostensibly as a Religion major. Disenchanted with academic life I dropped out of Williams after only three semesters.

I am an unshakable stand for the optimal health and wealth of my brothers and sisters worldwide. I am an unruffled, proud and outspoken pioneer of wholistic naturopathic medicine, delivering the touch-stone message, so very necessary in this time of unparalleled human suffering, of health recovery through science based, clinically verifiedwholistic medicine to anyone with the ears to hear it. You can count on me for this. Every time.

For the next 10 years I pursued a wandering life path of adventure and investigative spirituality which led me to Ananda Cooperative Community in Grass Valley CA, Sant Mat Spiritual Center in New Hampshire, and the Kripalu Center in Western MA. In my mid-twenties, my future started to call to me and the inner promptings of my life started to generate a pull towards securing a rewarding professional career.

Looking back, it is unclear to me why I chose the medical field as a profession. It was more of a felt sense than anything else – it just felt like the right thing to do, and it was time to do something. My experience with yoga and meditation had by default put me in touch with the alternative health culture in the US, and I had found myself over the years in the company of many different people who referred to themselves as “healers.” Interestingly, 100% of them lacked any substantial grounding in the scientific method, and when push came to shove, they would all fall back on conventional medical methods. There were only two wholistic medical practitioners that I had any respect or admiration for whatsoever – an osteopathic doctor and a chiropractor.

So in 1984 I went back to school, securing a BS in pre-med biology from the University of Massachusetts in 1987 with the intention of becoming an osteopath. In my senior year at U-Mass I became very sick and experienced two things that completely changed my life:

  1. The complete and utter incompetence of conventional medical doctors to help me to even understand what was wrong with me, let alone fix it;
  2. A remarkable and instantaneous cure from a licensed Naturopathic physician. The juxtaposition of these two events completely altered my professional path, and solidified in me an unshakable resolve to abandon conventional medicine and become a naturopath.

Five months after I experienced the miracle cure from the naturopathic physician, I was enrolled at Bastyr University of Naturopathic Medicine in Seattle WA – where I had the daily experience that I was in the right place at the right time doing exactly the right thing. I had hit my stride. In 1991 the goal of becoming a naturopath was realized and my passion for the profession was so strong that I was selected by my classmates to give a speech at the graduation ceremonies. I officially became licensed to practice naturopathic medicine in January of 1992 and have been in the front lines of private practice ever since, often working for years at a time in unlicensed states with the intention of drumming up public support for the naturopathic licensing efforts therein.

The combination of inner prompted spiritual investigation and outer grounded wholistic medical training have given me a unique perspective on the workings of the human body-mind. My roots in New England Yankee pragmatic problem solving and the independent spirit which all Nantucketers enjoy by birthright have coalesced in me, ripened over time, and are in fact the true and authentic forces which drive me forward now in the last third of my life.