Jamba Me Up!

The Beyond Tangy Tangerine mixed with only water was too tart for my taste. Through many trial an error experiments, I have found the mix that works for me; it tastes just as great as those at the smoothie shops.


First, combine the Tropical Fruit Blend with the powder mixes (Beyond Tangy Tangerine [aka BTT] and Osteo-Fx).  Then, add the flax seed and water.  Blend until the smoothie has a nice smooth consistency.  Add the banana to reduce the tangy flavor of the BTT.  Blend until you have the consistency that you desire. The amount for this recipe should be enough to fill one 16 oz. Blender Bottle to the top.  

Check out what we did with the Osteo-fx Powder mix at the Osteo-Fix Page.

*optional items
**I purchase this from Target (Market Pantry)