According to both Dr. Wallach and Dr. Glidden, here are the top ten foods to avoid. Even though most of us, including the Youngenesis Team, consume or have consumed the following items, it's important to try to stay on track to a healthy life style. Nobody said it would be easy, but the road to success is often paved with hard work and commitment. 

  1. Wheat - No Gluten

  2. Barley

  3. Rye

  4. Oats, Oatmeal – even if it says that it’s gluten free.

  5. Fried Food – nothing fried! You should boil, broil or bake and never more than medium rare for red meat.

  6. Oils – Yes, this includes Olive Oil! NO canola, NO coconut, etc… If it has OIL in the name don’t use it. This also includes anything made from oil, like salad dressing. Dr. Wallach recommends using salt and lemon juice as a salad dressing. No margarine or combo spreads. No mayonnaise. Nothing made from oils.

  7. No burned fats – If you grill your food, try to have something between the food and the fire (like aluminium foil) so the juice doesn't drip onto the flame and deposit dangerous things on the meat.

  8. Any nitrates added to meat – (ie: deli meats) tell your butcher NO NITRATES or NITRITES!

  9. No carbonated drinks of any kind within one hour before, during or one hour after meals.

  10. Skin of a baked potato (or yam, or sweet potato). If you boil a potato, you can eat the skins